Everybody has their wish lists, their must haves and their "can't live withouts".. me included. Lately, I've been on a shoe binge which eventually can and will become detrimental to my sanity (and my bank account) My three favorites are and always will be shoes, jewelry & handbags. Clothes, I love, but accessories make or break an outfit. And add color to my usually otherwise neutral outfits. 

I recently discovered two things: 1: A new love for jewelry designer Sabine G. If you haven't already seen her jewels, you are wasting time looking at other things. She uses the centuries-old craftmanship and quality of Italian artisans to bring her creations to life. And 2: I recently was at the Fendi outlet which introduced me to a pair of ah-maz-ing feather and burgundy velvet booties. Unfortunately, they didn't have my size which then led me to the double ah-maz-ing Jimmy Choo's below. 

Olivia Collings 18k Gold Bracelet 
Sabine G 18k Rose Gold & Diamond Ring
Proenza Schouler PS1 Medium Bag
Jimmy Choo Fedora Sandals

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