If I had to pick one high-street retailer to shop at for the rest of my life, it would easily be Zara. Each new collection that they produce has me running to the nearest store. Their newest collection is full of flow-y designs, floral lace and of course my favorite color... black. I put together my favorite looks above but that doesn't limit what my wish list will look like. Check out their new collection here (and their big January sale is going on now too, don't miss out!)
As some of you may have figured out or know by now, I've been working (slowly but surely) on my own personal style blog. But in the meantime, I will continue to blog about everything else I love.. and so my blogging skills don't get a little rusty. I've been blogging for House of Lavande recently and have found that juggling 3 or 4 blogs at one time is a full-time job!

I've been visiting my parents in Florida recently and the warm weather has me home-sick for the London chill. Most people would call me crazy, but I love the cold. And all the comfy yet chic clothes that come with it. I have people constantly asking me how to dress cute in colder weather and it's simple! I've put together some of my favorite style inspiration photo for winter dressing... full of comfy knits, tailored coats and chic boots. Enjoy! 
I've been way M.I.A. lately. More than ever.. life has been constantly changing around here. Moved to London, check. Found a new flat, check. Started my new blog.. semi-fail. I've been working on my new style blog lately but can't seem to find time to sit down and actually start the design process. (Not to mention, I change my mind three or four times daily) It will be ready before you know it, so don't worry my lovers!

In the meantime, I've taken to Instagram to post my daily style so I thought I'd share a few here and there. (And also to let you know I'm still alive.. but I promise, I WILL be blogging more regularly now!)