. . .  i probably couldn't torture myself more than when i create a polyvore outfit set. i obviously make sets that i would adore wearing but yet when i walk into my closet, those clothes aren't there? i guess snapping your fingers doesn't make them just appear. i have found that during the summer, a lot of people like to go from their day outfit into their night outfit, making few adjustments to their hair and makeup. (that is unless you are hanging out in your bikini all day) so, i've decided to put together an outfit that is easy for this, maybe you'll want to wear some fab flats during the day instead of the heels but that's an easy switch! and of course, im dying for the skirt. why do i do this to myself?
so here goes nothing. this amazing skirt is fabulous enough for the daytime as well as nighttime. to make it feel a little more casual, take a plain white t-shirt and tuck in just the front end letting the sides and back fall out. (unless of course you want to tuck the whole thing in, style it differently!) paired with some great high heels like these prada sandals and stack some great gold bracelets, you've got a great outfit. but dont forget an amazing clutch, like this alexander mcqueen, who needs a big bag going out anyways?! 

Maison Scotch Scoop Neck
Skirt: Day Birger et Mikkeslsen Black Zoe Skirt
Bracelets (clockwise): Alexander McQueen Twin Bracelet, Cartier Bracelet Nails It, Hermes Regate
Shoes: Prada Powder Strappy Leather Platforms
Clutch: Alexander McQueen Skull Clutch
. . . i'm in the process of looking for a new post format but in the meantime i will keep to my good ole' same one that hasn't failed me. after re-blogging photos on tumblr for hours and pinning things on pinterest i've become quite in love with photos of models behind the scenes. there is something about seeing these photos that is intimate and beautiful. and i find so much inspiration for my hair and makeup from them. i even find life inspiration from some of these photos...seriously. call me crazy but they always look like they are having the time of their lives. 
{Photo Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7}
. . . first of all, sorry i haven't been on in a couple days to post anything! i've been out of town and without a computer so i haven't had much time to organize any blog posts! the weather here in florida has been quite random this past weekend: one minute its pouring rain, the next it's in the 70s instead of high 80s/90s. it is definitely making me wish it was socially acceptable to wear fur vests in the middle of april. 

also, make sure to visit the House of Lavande blog to take part in the pinterest Board of the Week. It's a fun opportunity to have your favorite photo on their pinterest site!

i've always been a jewelry and jeweled accessories freak and after finding some of these photos i knew i had to post them. maybe you'll find some inspiration from them, i've tried to post some that aren't your typical bracelet stacking, ring stacking photos. (even though thats what i love) enjoy! 

be sure to check out my new tumblr page, it's quite different from here but equally as good, i promise:
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(p.s. if you have any ideas for a blog post you would like to see, send me a message! i love getting your comments)
A classic, stunning drop earring. I dont know what it is but I love this photo and these earrings.
I know, I know...a stacking photo. But I found this last minute and it's so hardcore, I love it.
This jeweled shoulder is amazzzingggg. Seriously, who would mess with you in this?
If you are feeling a little edgier, this earring (er, ear party) is perfect for you. And me!
This chunky, jeweled collar/necklace is perfect to jazz up any basic or classic outfit...
I'm OBSESSED with this jeweled shawl. It's perfect in every way.
Millie Mackintosh wore a similar one in black in Dubai and I've instantly been hooked. I want!
Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,
. . . im in the works to putting a blog post together for summer party looks but in the meantime i dont want to leave you empty handed! every once in a while i find a collection of photos on pinterest or tumblr and want to immediately put them up here, even if they dont have a theme. so i guess that is what im doing today. just because they aren't a themed set of photos doesn't mean you cant find inspiration from them! 
The makeup, the jewels and the fur are stunning in this photo

Anything with Millie Mackintosh I love, but this intimate behind the scenes photo is divine

What a great editorial, dont we all wish we could look this great with extra-volumed hair

I love the all white outfit with the pop of hot pink on her lips, dont you?

I wish my hair looked like this, probably need to grow it out some more first

Perfect jacket, perfect jewels

Still loving leather shorts, still havent found a great pair. ugh.
{Photos: Pinterest}
. . . summer is quickly approaching. this year has gone by so fast i can't believe it! while i'm still lusting over photos with bundled up fashionistas, the rest of the world has moved on to swimsuits and summer outfits. so i've decided to get with the now and post about some of my summer inspiration. i've recently been loving vintage swimsuits, one-piece swimswits (shocker! fabulous and chic ones obviously) and lots of necklaces layered. maybe while looking at these photos i'll get a tan as well. (i wish.) i'll be going down to palm beach and key west this weekend so i guess i should get "summer" ready and what better than a blog post!
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. . .traveling is probably one of my favorite things. who doesn't love going to new and exciting places? and even if its going somewhere you've been to every year, i still love it. as i have traveled more long distances in the past two years, i've become aware of many travel necessities. so i decided to put together a polyvore set with my favorite travel accessories that help with the long haul.
1. Passport Cover If you are like me, you don't pay much attention to where you throw your passport in your carry-on, just as long as you know its in there. This past Christmas my boyfriend's mom bought me the most gorgeous passport cover from Aspinal of London (same as the picture) and I love it. Covers not only make your passport look savvy chic but also keep it from bending and getting dirty.
Must Have: Aspinal of London Passport Cover

2. Lots of Magazines Obviously this is a no-brainer. Although long haul flights have plenty of movies to choose from, there are only so many movies you can watch in one flight before your eyes start to strain. Do a little reading while you are on your next flight, whether it be a magazine or even a book.
Must Have: Elle, Vogue, Vanity Fair, and a good book

3. Cosmetics Bag Flights overseas can make you look, well not your best. A small makeup bag is key to keeping products in your carry-on that you can easily find to freshen up with (including the MUST have toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant)
Must Have: Tory Burch Poppy Nylon Cosmetics Bag

4. iPad Case If you have an iPad it is essential to keep it from getting scratched and dirty. Just throwing it in your carry-on doesn't protect it from anything. Get a case before your next travels if you don't already have one. This goes for laptops too!
Must Have: Prada Saffiano iPad Travel Case

5. Comfortable Flats You may go to the airport in heels, but trust me, you won't want to wear those for an 8 hour flight. Pack a good pair of flats that are comfortable to wear and easy to slip on and off. You don't want to be walking into the bathroom in just your socks or bare feet.
Must Have: Tory Burch Cheetah Print Reva Flat

6. A Big and Sturdy Carry-On If there is anything I know its that you need a STURDY carry-on. On my recent flights to and from London (especially from) you will find yourself cramming things in at the last minute and if your bag can't handle it, you will be one sorry girl at the airport.
Must Have: Prada Large Saffiano Luxe Shopper

7. Lightweight Scarf Totally a necessity. Even if you are traveling to Mexico, you will be happy you have a scarf with you. If it's too hot to wear to the airport, then just throw it in your carry-on. Scarfs are great to double up for a pillow (or to cover the pillows the airline provides), wrap around your shoulders for extra warmth or just to have on your lap.
Must Have: Burberry Cotton Large Check Scarf
. . . after some more home decor searching on pinterest, i think i can now say i'm up to maybe 6 houses that i could fully decorate with the amount of pins? and do i have my own home? apartment? no, not yet. but one day (in the near future) i will. and i will be darn glad that i've saved all these photos. i've lately been gravitating more and more towards lots of clean, white rooms with a splash of color (bright or neutral) i've put some photos together that i've found in the past couple days that will one day make it into one of my homes, especially jewelry in tea cups!
{Photo Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}
. . . those who read my blog and follow me on pinterest know my slight addiction to olivia palermo and her sensational style. and although i remain faithful, i have started to take style inspiration from a set of sisters. the Delevingne sisters to be exact. Poppy and Cara Delevingne have equally stunning yet polar opposite style and i find both of their styles to be fab! and their beauty is hard to miss as well, cara being a face of burberry and poppy for louis vuitton. i've put together a couple of my favorite looks (of those i could easily find) that i try to mimic on a daily basis. maybe you'll do a better job than me!
. . . fresh faced, flawless makeup is something women (in my opinion) are always trying to mimic. and sometimes it isn't as easy as it seems. and trust me, i am definitely not one that knows the  secret. less is more, right? or in this case - more is less? unless you have naturally blemish-free skin and can use just tinted moisturizer, chances are you will want to use a foundation that will still look light. and although i can't give you any pointers on the best makeup out there right now, i can provide photos for inspiration!
. . . i decided to switch things up a bit today. instead of posting photos of inspiration or a polyvore creation i decided to do a written post. i stumbled upon diane von furstenburg's Ten Rules to Live By and i just love them so much that i thought i had to share with all you readers. i'm pretty sure if you are as obsessed with fashion then you will love them just as much as i do. 

1. Trust yourself. 
“The secret to feeling attractive, and to being attractive, is the confidence that comes from knowing who you are and what you believe in.”

2. Accept the passage of time. 

 “The older you get, the more you should learn to love life and appreciate the beauty that comes with age.”

3. Document your days. 

“Carry a camera and create an inspiring visual diary of your life.”

4. Your suitcase symbolizes your life. 

“The best way to know a woman is to open her luggage. If she knows how to pack well, it means she understands , and cherishes, how to live a simplified life.”

5. Fashionable friends. 

“Choose fashions that make you happy. I hope the clothes I design will become my clients’ best friends.  That way, when they open their closets, they will always encounter someone special.”

6. Dress your personality. 

“Always choose styles that also accentuate your personality. Don’t use fashion to try and project a different persona. Authenticity is key.”

7. Use your feminine power. 

“My mother taught me that being a woman is a privilege because the world revolves around us! It is a precious gift, and its power should be used in a subtle and respectful way.”

8. Your handbag is your guide. 

“Before leaving home, check your agenda and organize your bag according to what you have to do that day. Keeping everything in order makes life easier.”

9. Indulge yourself. 

“Book regular facials and  massages. I’m sure it helps to keep everything firm and in it’s place!”

10. Lead a balanced life. 

“The best regimen is to keep moving! Never stop working, travelling and seeking adventure. Drink plenty of water, limit alcohol and sugar and get to your yoga class!
{Source: Elle} {Photos: Various via *bellaMUMMA}