London Fashion Week is approaching fast and September will be here before you know it. The thought that I won't be there this year is dreadful. Last year I had the adventure of living in London when fashion week was going on and would try to catch glimpses of all the beautifully dressed women and men walking to the shows, wishing that I was as lucky as them to get in. Next year I promise myself I will be there no matter what.

Atlantic-Pacific is one of those fashion style blogs where just about anyone can get inspiration. Blair's style ranges from classical to preppy to quirky. I am always reading her blog almost everyday to get some inspiration for my wardrobe. Cudos!
I recently became obsessed with this website called, Dear Blank, Please Blank...I can’t get enough of the kitschy comments and clever notes. This is one was my favorites:

Dear Full Closet,
How come I have nothing to wear?!
Girls Everywhere
I'm in love with Cheryl Cole. More so of how beautiful she always is! No matter what color or length her hair is, what she wears (apart from the beginning WAG days, they are in the past for a reason!) she always looks perfect!