. . . summer is hot, so what better way to cool down than with a crisp white outfit? i'm all for the color black, but every so often i'll break out the all white and these next photos are some that i've taken great inspiration in my own day-to-day outfits lately!
. . . floral pants. my newest obsession. currently own: 1. wishing to own: thousands. 
floral pants are a great way to "jazz" up any outfit. The loud prints may seem over-the-top, but it's a great way to make an accessory-like impact. And even though you may not think so, floral is a great pattern to mix other patterns with.. They can also be dressed up or down, as shown below. Here are some of my favorite pair of floral pants at the moment and maybe you'll try this trend out if you haven't already!
. . . if you love vintage and you love jewelry, then you surely don't want to miss House of Lavande. my new "home" and work, the vintage jewels you will find at house of lavande are ahh-mazing! with the new collection out as well, created and inspired from vintage pieces by owner Tracy Smith (items #4), there really is something for everyone! here are only a handful of the pieces which range from unsigned to chanel, givenchy, missoni, christian dior, yves saint laurent... you name it, they've got it.
www.houseoflavande.com as well as pieces on taigan and 1st dibs.
new collection pieces are out in the fall and can be previewed here.
1. Givenchy pearl and fish earrings
2. Unsigned Floral Necklace
3. 1950's Kramer Blue Bracelet
4. House of Lavande Made in Italy Earrings
5. Lou Lou de la Falaise Turquoise Earrings
6. 1950's Schreiner Necklace
. . . i've recently cut off all my hair due to the large amount of split ends that just showed up uninvited (ahem, oh right my straightener) but i'm happy to say i haven't used it in a couple weeks/months. my ends are now almost split end free, but way too short for my liking. so i stare at photos of long, soft waves and find my self envisioning the day mine will be the same. if ever.

i've really been into the soft curl/wave look lately because of its classic look, especially on rosie huntington-whiteley and millie mackintosh. its "high glamour" look really is beautiful on anyone! here are some of my favorite looks this week: