While reading the Tory blog at toryburch.com, I came across their post on The Tweed Jacket Three Ways and knew I had to re-post it! Obviously the picture is from the blog but I love the three ways they used this jacket in three totally different outfits...especially the middle outfit and right outfits. I've always been a fan of the tweed jacket but never a fan of how it looks on me, but after seeing these I'm re-thinking my opinion and may have to go try this jacket on..Well done Tory! (As Always)
Credit: Tory Burch
An old sorority sister of mine from Nashville who is a design student recently created a website showcasing her designs and lookbooks and I had to share! Her designs are beautifully crafted all the way down to the minor details. After looking through her lookbooks, which can be seen at www.brittanyblair.com, I could imagine myself buying almost every single item. Kudos!
Last Christmas my parents gave me the PS, I Made This book and I haven't been able to stop making jewelry, clothing, accessories, home decor and handbags ever since! Each photograph on the left hand side of the thumbnails are the inspiration to the photograph and item to make on the right. These select few are just a couple of the ones that I'm in love with at the moment. Happy making!
Ever since I got a job at  part-time J.Crew I've been following their blog--770 Behind The Line. That's when I came across the inspiration journal behind J.Crews new fall nail polishes by FACE Stockholm®. My nails will have never been happier—or brighter.
StumbleUpon couldn't have let me stumble across a better blog that encompasses my style. LovelyPepa does it perfectly. So thank you StumbleUpon.
Alexandra, the creator of LovelyPepa, has an all around cool, sophisticated, trendy, and beautiful style that I like to take the looks she puts together and go out and buy them myself! The good thing about her style is that a MAJORITY of her clothes are from stores like Zara, Topshop, H&M--all my personal favorite stores so it makes it easy to go out and buy similar styles. Below are only just a handful of her styles, enjoy!

This kind of post could be dangerous in the event that I forget one BUT!-
I've got to list out my favorite mag's these days!
(In alphabetical order, not by favorite)
1. Acne Paper   2. Elle US & UK
3. Dazed & Confused  4. Harper's Bazaar
5. InStyle US & UK  6. Nylon
7. Runway  8. Stylist 9. Tatler
10. Vogue & British Vogue  11. W

I love everything about Temperley's collection. Ever since I found out about Alice Temperley and the ever-so-lovely fashion house she has created, I've been constantly re-searching and looking into every little thing about their company. I have officially fallen in love with Temperley's "timeless, feminine designs combine beautiful detail and embellishments with an English eccentricity and personality drawing on everything British."

I was recently introduced to the brand MiH Jeans by a friend. After searching around their website, blog, and online catalog I am now obsessed. Their ever-so-cool and hip website, with their vintage story line, blog and their step by step on how the demin production works, is almost like a story book. I spent much time just reading every little detail they had to offer on their website.

The picture to the left is one of the relaxed yet stylish outfits I found on their blog. The jeans, which are described on their blog as "The jet front pocket became an iconic feature associated with flared jeans and can be seen on all of the Marrakesh jeans in the original Made in Heaven archive – a detail you see to this day in the current MiH collection." are the PERFECT length and look amazing in the fit. Add the classic blazer and a loose fitting shirt and you are ready to go. I must look into getting a pair of MiH Jeans, as should you too! Cudos!

Barbour by Temperley
I'm falling head over heels with Barbour by Temperley! There is something about cozy, looking knits that will always have a place in my heart no matter how fashion changes. Just by looking at their new collection (I HAD to share these two pictures) it makes me want to throw one of these on, curl up in a chair next to the fire holding a cup of tea with a good book. Cheers to you Temperley!
Barbour by Temperley
I am excited, seriously excited! Katie Shillingford– the super stylish Fashion Editor behind Dazed&Confused magazine - has taken over Topshop's Edited space. Renowned for her eclectic and experimental approach to fashion, as well as her work with the most innovative photographers and designers of our time, she has been choosing a seriously diverse range of Topshop's latest pieces and mixing them up in her very own way. I HAVE to get my hands on some of these pieces!