Just touched down in London-town! Will be trying to post as much as possible over the next two weeks but with a schedule filled with markets, restaurants, bakeries and shops it might be near impossible to update every day! 
When it comes to accessories and jewelry, some call me crazy. I always have a thousand bracelets on one arm, big chunky necklaces and sparkle galore. I'm not really sure when it started or how, but the past year I've been all about jewelry. I've started a collection ranging from friendship bracelets bought at the beach to vintage bracelets from my grandmother dating from the 40s and 50s. I love these pictures below that I found on Cupcakes and Cashmere, from the block and Sincerely, Jules. Hope you find as much inspiration in them as I do!!!!!!
these photos may seem a bit overwhelming all put together but i love every single one of these home spaces that i found while browsing the ever so lovely glamourai blog! {each photo being from another original source such as vogue and hsn} i adore the dark walls with the bright pillows, the blues and the greens, and the bookcases full of quirky items all mixed in with the perfect vintage touch. i aspire to have a home with rooms like these when i get older. these truly are the "perfect places" for me!
new york fashion week, london fashion week, paris fashion week, milan fashion week--this is like a fashion lover's heaven! i thought it would be appropriate to kick off this season's fashion week with some of my favorite looks from the spring 2012 collection for Mackage, which debuted yesterday in new york. i'm crazy for their take on breezy day-to-night dresses and look-anchoring, second-skin leather layers! everything looks ready to wear and i feel like i could wear every piece--so major!!  {images courtesy of mackage}
Stylist.co.uk recently came out with a list of the 65 Fabulous Fashion Books and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to post my favorites (in no particular order) as well! And props to whoever wrote the article because I truly agree with the very first line-- "The most enchanting fashion books are glossy, beautiful, substantial and impossible to put down"
Harper's Bazaar Greatest Hits, Model As Muse, Stylist, Marc Jacobs Advertising, True British by Alice Temperley, Dictionary of Fashion, Influence by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen , Fashion Designers Sketchbooks, Kate Moss, The Little Black Book of Style, In Vogue, The Sartorialist.
"We are shaped and fashioned by what we love." is exactly the quote that I've been looking for. And these outfits are exactly the ones that shape and inspire my fashion sense. I found many of these pictures while roaming around the internet the other day, some from Gossip Girl sets, the others from a photography inspiration page. I'm loving the over the knee socks for this season as well as the layering. Hope you find as much inspiration as I do in some of these!
I found this "work commandments" article on Lauren Conrad's website and couldn't love it more! Now that I am looking for internships and career opportunities, I'm starting to think more than ever about work clothes. 

Even though all work environments have different rules as to what is and isn’t okay to wear, the following commandments cover most of the general dos and don’ts of dressing for work:
  • Thou shalt never let your outfit outshine your work. (Yes, creatives and fashionistas, this applies to you as well!)
  • Thou shalt abstain from clothing with obnoxious logos. (Besides Bebe logo tops being so 1999, no one wants a walking billboard in their office.)
  • You shall avoid all sexy and revealing clothing. Never show more than 1 inch of cleavage or wear a skirt that skims your bum. For most offices, skirts that hit more than 3 or 4 inches above the knee are considered inappropriate (If you want to wear shorter skirts, or even dress shorts, pair them with opaque tights to temper the higher hemline). Also, no tank tops unless you have something layered over it to cover your shoulders.
  • Thou shalt not wear any ripped, torn, or sloppy clothing. This includes anything that can be worn to the gym or the beach (gym shoes and flip-flops etc.).

  • Thou shalt dress like my female boss. If you do not have a female boss, emulate the highest-ranking female in your company. This doesn’t mean steal her style. Rather, base your office attire on what she considers appropriate. Is she casual? Always dresses to the nines? Take a cue from the people in positions you aspire to have someday. They don’t say, “dress the part” for no reason.
  • You shall always dress to impress—even on “casual Fridays.”Don’t let casual Fridays fool you. Jeans may be okay, but that old tee reserved for lazy Sundays and those hot pink flip-flops are just not going to cut it… Casual Friday attire should be based on your weekly work wear, but taken down a few notches.
  • Thou shalt not don underwear as outerwear. Ever. This is pretty self-explanatory…  
  • You shall always use your best judgment. Consider your work environment and dress accordingly. Anything you can wear to a club should never step foot in an office. If you’re unsure about an outfit, it’s best to err on the side of caution and go with something else.

It looks like the ombre hair color trend might actually be here to stay...at least for a little while longer. That’s great news if you color your hair, since the upkeep is less frequent than traditional highlights (and, hence, easier on the pocketbook).  I've been debating tons lately about whether or not to go ombre with my hair. It's a big decision since the outcome could either be really great or really awful but so far I've come up with some inspirational pictures to help with my decision. 
Here are some looks I found on Blair Eddie's blog Atlantic-Pacific that I just adore. I'm so excited that polka-dots are coming back in to style MAJOR and love the big dots paired with a structured, girly yellow skirt. I also loved the second look as soon as it came up on my screen, such a great lazy Sunday outfit that can be worn practically anywhere--a simple navy dress, a light colorful scarf and a big, big hat. 

I love the shoes in the last picture because they are just so, well, different! Talk about fun, these 'dalmation' spotted shoes add that extra 'pop' to any outfit, especially a LBD. And to add to my sunglass obsession (really, how many pairs does one need?!) I love all these sunglasses and can't wait to stock up on lots of them at the markets during my upcoming trip to London in two weeks!
My friends and I found out about Polyvore the other night. Like, REALLY found out about it and how much fun it can be. I had known about the website for a while now but had never expolored what you can actually do on it, like pull together practically anything fashion on the internet and make collages out of them. So we sat at our computers for a couple hours make several little collages and I thought I'd share some with you from now on out.

Here's one I made that I thought would be the PERFECT combination for a night on the town, date night or even any other special event! I LOVE LOVE the studded shoes and the heart cutout shaped dress. Add some classic touches like a leather band watch and red lipstick and you are ready for the evening.
Bag: Chanel
Watch: Cartier 1920's 
Coat: Miss Selfridge Mink Coat
Ring: Privé Jewellery Koral 
Dress: Dress Up Topshop
Shoes: Sam Edelman Renzo Black Boots
Lipstick: Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Colour