These Chanel shoes are to DIE for. The soft top material (which I have yet to figure out whether its suede or velvet, help!) mixed with the classic double C's and rope chain around the bottom all scream classic Chanel. Christmas list anyone? Yes!
I have fallen in love with Alexis Kirk structured and Cleopatra inspired  collar necklaces. The delicate gold and silver tones and structured shapes of the collar necklaces make for a perfect statement piece. I first found out about Alexis Kirk while interning here at Susan Caplan Vintage Collection ( and love them now! Hope you find them as lovely as I do!
Animal print is all the rage this winter and I am diving head first in. My obsession started with a 10 dollar leopard print blouse I found and has gone from that to glasses, shoes, scarves--you name it, I'll get it. So here's a couple photos for inspiration for the non-daring. Even the tiniest piece can add to your outfit! xoxo
Favorite Ring, Bathroom Idea, Look & Dress-up Dog:
Even though I can't claim this AH-MAZING collage as my own (courtesy of WhoWhatWear) I can't help but agree completely with the trend alert! I love top handle bags, especially ones with long shoulder straps for the occasional switch up. I hope you enjoy it (if you haven't already seen it on WWW) as much as I do!
Fall and Winter dressing brings about some serious problems: as much as you want to stay cute and stylish, you still need to focus on beating the chill. Here are some looks (on a slideshow) from Fab Sugar that  are all about combining fashion and function. 
Favorite Eye Makeup:
Favorite Home Idea:
Favorite Laugh:
So awkward you hardly notice she's holding a goat.

Just a bit of shoe inspiration. LOVE the Louboutin's on the far right.
Need hair inspiration? I've chosen some of my favorite (I yet have to try any) that I have found on Pinterest. They all contain some type of braid, knot or twist that adds a bit of elegance and edge. I'm excited to try each hairstyle in the coming days/weeks. Which one will you choose?
Baby it's cold outside, so throw on that faux fur. 
Fur is the perfect winter accessory. Vests and gillets are making a huge appearance this winter and am I excited. I've already got my coat, vest and scarves and still stop every time I see one in the stores. Here are some favorite pictures of faux fur done right. Enjoy!