I've recently fallen in love with the color Emerald. Well not just emerald but any rich, dark green. There are so many shades of it that it would be way too hard to just choose one but that's the good part... you have so many options! And who wouldn't want to wear emerald especially since everyone knows how fabulous it is for several reasons: Emerald City was the most beautiful place you can remember from Wizard of Oz. The ancient Roman God, Venus, was believed to be connected to the most sought after of emerald color and was the figure who gave everlasting love and beauty. And not to mention, many crown jewels include the color emerald. 
Photos found: http://pinterest.com/emeigher/emerald-city/
I feel like a bad mother who has neglected her child except I've been neglecting my blog. Life has been kind of hectic lately but I'm back and I'm going to stay on top of this thing. I've got lots of new material (thanks to Pinterest, as always) Christmas is right around the corner and everyone is getting their list together. Although this isn't my official list I'll be handing out to people, most of it is on my "wish"list for this year. What's on your Christmas list?
Dannijo Pammy Bracelet  Valentino Lace-up Booties  Kenzo Pleated Maxi Skirt  Burberry Leather Bowling Handbag  Burberry Owl Handle Walking Umbrella  Juicy Couture Faux Fur Infinity Scarf  Burberry Bow Detail Satin Slippiers  Smythson Soho Diary Day Planner  Yves Saint Laurent Arty Blue and Rose Gold Ring  NARS Storm Bird Nail Polish  Hunter Original Brit Dark Navy Wellies  Ellie Saab Mink Short Fur Coat