I found this look on a tumblr site a few days ago and I'm struggling and CRAVINGG to find out where it is from! (if anyone can tell me I will send you all my love!) I love the mixture of the blushed colored skirt attached to the structured, sweetheart shaped black top. Top it off with the spectacular Jeffery Campbell shoes (or my ankle black boots from Topshop!) and a classic leather jacket and--mmm the perfect outfit!
I recently took a button down blue jean shirt from my boyfriends closet and I haven't been able to take it off ever since, and not because its from my boyfriend! Ever since first seeing Caggie Dunlop wear hers all the time on Made in Chelsea I've been on a hunt for all things jean! Forget the typical "painter" look, here are some FABulous outfits that have the perfect amount of jean in it! Especially the second photo below, just like my jean shirt!
In my opinion, you can never have enough chunky, blingy bracelets. I currently wear my boyfriend size watch, gold necklace chain wrapped around my wrist, Links silver bracelet, oversized gold chunky chain bracelet and a delicate ivory bracelet from my boyfriend. But thats not to say I don't change it up sometimes and I love this look below with the chunky diamante bracelets! I'm thinking New Years Eve it would be a perfect, ahhhmazing look! xx
I currently am obsesssssing over rings, lots of rings! I wear a ring on almost every finger these days. I think that if you do it with ahhmazing rings and balance the sizes it can look amazing...I found this picture on Pinterest below and love all the rings. And love the different nail polish on each hand, happy ringing! xx
I have recently taken an obsession with head pieces. All kinds of head pieces too -- full head pieces an delicate detailed chains to classic jewels laid perfectly on your forehead. Here are some examples I've found that I want, need, half to have, they are absolutely divine! xx
I came across this photograph from Chanel and couldn't resist posting. It is so ahh-mazing. The spiderweb-like detail is so stunning its hard not to want every piece from the collection, especially this dress! It would be perfect for a New Years party. Or better yet--just to feel special on any night.

"No designer is as primed for that kind of heavenly decree as Karl Lagerfeld, and he heeded the call with a Chanel collection that was positively luminous in its delicacy and sparkle. Dresses that looked spun from gossamer ("morning dew on spiderwebs" was his cohort Amanda Harlech's more lyrical metaphor) weren't fabric; they were pieces of embroidery. Ten million beads were used in all. The result was literally a cloth of light."
What is not to love about anything that comes from Alexander McQueen? The immaculate detail that is on everything single piece is ahhh-mazing! 

::Enter:: A.McQueen Hardware Clutch.

I am all about studs and rings these days (wearing 6 rings in total everyday and my almost run down Topshop studded smoking loafers!) and this clutch is the perfect accessory for my wardrobe! The skull and jewels add contrasting touches that are just beautiful
Just a post to brighten your day: 
How could anybody not love these shoes..
ESPECIALLY under a flowing black skirt?
{{Ever since returning back to the states from London I've been on some kind of hiatus and it wasn't planned! So sorry for the lack of posts but I am back and ready to blog more than ever! }}

Even though people talk about how winter is a drab time and that you should try to incorporate colors into your outfits, I still think there is something classy and beautiful about all dark outfits. Something mysterious and something fabulous all at the same time. Here are some of my favorite looks I have found lately! xx