. . . i've been thinking long and hard about whether or not to do a blog post on something green or some for saint patricks day but i've decided to go the complete opposite direction (although one of my photos does have green in it!) as spring and summer approaches the idea of crisp whites coming into forecast excite me! so as a tribute to my obsession with whites (in addition to black, always) i've put together some amazing photos that i've found on pinterest and fashion blogs of fashion, home decor and travel. 
happy friday!
03/16/2012 15:14

I love this post! White always looks so sophisticated and beautiful!!

Sarah T.
03/16/2012 15:39

I love this! And your whole blog!

03/30/2012 08:22

I really love this kitchen! the look and feel of crisp white against the rugged looking floors, gives you a feel of sophistication yet warmth. Great job. I would live in this kitchen


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