. . . trips to the mall are depressing. i was in the local luxury mall yesterday and felt like a little child surrounded by lots and lots of bright candy. except i was surrounding by ferragamo, cartier and bloomingdales. there were many things i saw through the windows that i am now obsessed with. so thank you mall, for you have added even MORE to my wish list (is that even possible?!) 

but rather than create just another wish list, lust list, etc. i've decided to expand my "list horizons" and create a currently obsessed list that doesn't just focus on fashion (although it will) but all avenues.
currently obsessed with: this hair, this lip color and these necklaces (oh em gee)

currently obsessed with: every kind of skin tint.. i love liz earle products so this is perfect!

currently obsessed with: this dress. seriously, how can you not be?

currently obsessed with: the hardware and door details. i want this in my house, it is gorgeous!

currently obsessed with: these booties. im obsessed with plain black boots but i love this cut out!

currently obsessed with: vintage hermes. yes please.

currently obsessed with: this child. this photo. everything about it.
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