Proenza Schouler has quickly become one of my favorite designers for handbags and accessories. Their Fall 2011 show was so inspiring and after finding this do-it-yourself tutorial on the Seriously...WTF website, I decided I had to share. Originally, Erica of PS I Made This made a beautiful version of Proenza Schouler’s scroll necklace in white and Seriously...WTF then made it in black. So I've decide to transfer the photos and how-to from Seriously...WTF (and if you haven't already checked out the website I suggest you do, its amazing) and blog about it on here for anyone who wants to get a bit chic-crafty on a lazy Sunday afternoon! Enjoy!
You’ll need:
4 wooden decorative mouldings (which can also be found at Lowe’s)
3 chandelier ornaments or charms
9 11mm jump rings
1 can of flat black spray paint
a drill & 3/32″ split point drill bit
2 pairs of pliers
8 inches of chain & a clasp (or ribbon)
sandpaper or an emory board
Lay the mouldings on a wooden block and carefully drill holes through each marking. File away any rough edges and brush away any leftover dust.
In a well ventilated area, spray an even coat of flat black paint over the mouldings and charms. Apply a second and third coat if necessary. Let them dry completely.
Connect each piece with a jump ring using the pliers. Finish off the necklace with either 2 pieces of chain and a clasp or some ribbon.
Your Proenza Schouler inspired necklace is finished! And I bet it looks beautiful!
(All images courtesy of Seriously...WTF)

02/19/2012 18:57

Love this, I'm def going to try and make it!


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