I was recently introduced to the brand MiH Jeans by a friend. After searching around their website, blog, and online catalog I am now obsessed. Their ever-so-cool and hip website, with their vintage story line, blog and their step by step on how the demin production works, is almost like a story book. I spent much time just reading every little detail they had to offer on their website.

The picture to the left is one of the relaxed yet stylish outfits I found on their blog. The jeans, which are described on their blog as "The jet front pocket became an iconic feature associated with flared jeans and can be seen on all of the Marrakesh jeans in the original Made in Heaven archive – a detail you see to this day in the current MiH collection." are the PERFECT length and look amazing in the fit. Add the classic blazer and a loose fitting shirt and you are ready to go. I must look into getting a pair of MiH Jeans, as should you too! Cudos!


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