. . . im in the works to putting a blog post together for summer party looks but in the meantime i dont want to leave you empty handed! every once in a while i find a collection of photos on pinterest or tumblr and want to immediately put them up here, even if they dont have a theme. so i guess that is what im doing today. just because they aren't a themed set of photos doesn't mean you cant find inspiration from them! 
The makeup, the jewels and the fur are stunning in this photo

Anything with Millie Mackintosh I love, but this intimate behind the scenes photo is divine

What a great editorial, dont we all wish we could look this great with extra-volumed hair

I love the all white outfit with the pop of hot pink on her lips, dont you?

I wish my hair looked like this, probably need to grow it out some more first

Perfect jacket, perfect jewels

Still loving leather shorts, still havent found a great pair. ugh.
{Photos: Pinterest}

09/13/2012 10:27

There are two main ways that handmade jewelry is created. One method involves using glue or epoxy to attach beads and trinkets to the bracelet or necklace pendant.


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