Although they may not seem like it, rain boots are an essential item to anyones closet. You may only wear them a handful of times but boy when you need them, you need them. Not to mention you can start to use them for extra cold days and for snow and ice days, especially Hunters. Hunters to me are the BEST. The traction on the bottom plus the classic colors and Hunter logo on the front add all the little bit of chic for any rainy day outfit. But enough about the rainboots, what do you wear with them you ask? Well I've put some photos together with different outfits so there's something for everyone: the eclectic, the classy, the nautical and the outdoors.
Rain boots are out of the ordinary and so should your outfit. Here is a perfect example of an eclectic outfit with the addition of rainboots. The perfect mix of shorts plus tights make the outfit seem practical while the classic coat adds a touch of chicness. 
This classic rainy day look is clean and simple. The red rain boots (which you could use any color of rain boot to make this outfit) plus the classic trench coat and black jeans are so simple yet so chic. Bound to receive many compliments on the streets
I LOVE this look. Many people might think this is a hard look to pull of but in reality its not! You don't have to have red rain boots, all you need are a pair of rain boots and a matching color scheme and you are set!  And if you aren't into pearls or high buns you can relax this outfit with a simple gold chained necklace and wavy hair pulled back in a low ponytail! This outfit is perfect for that middle of Autumn/Winter look.
Color blocking with rain boots, who would have thought? I love the orange rain boots with the bright, oversized red peacoat. And it's so easy to recreate this look with different colors: why don't you try navy blue rain boots with a purple peacoat or even black rain boots with a bright winter white coat? Simple leggings or black jeans will tone down the look and neutralize it.
Last but not least, the nautical/country club look with rain boots. If you look closely the white lace shorts are mixed perfectly with a navy and white stripped long sleeved pullover and the Hunters. Paired with simple accessories like a watch and a ring, this look is perfect for a chilled day on the beach or even on a sailboat!

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