. . . first of all, sorry i haven't been on in a couple days to post anything! i've been out of town and without a computer so i haven't had much time to organize any blog posts! the weather here in florida has been quite random this past weekend: one minute its pouring rain, the next it's in the 70s instead of high 80s/90s. it is definitely making me wish it was socially acceptable to wear fur vests in the middle of april. 

also, make sure to visit the House of Lavande blog to take part in the pinterest Board of the Week. It's a fun opportunity to have your favorite photo on their pinterest site!

i've always been a jewelry and jeweled accessories freak and after finding some of these photos i knew i had to post them. maybe you'll find some inspiration from them, i've tried to post some that aren't your typical bracelet stacking, ring stacking photos. (even though thats what i love) enjoy! 

be sure to check out my new tumblr page, it's quite different from here but equally as good, i promise:
www.myfashionworldbp.tumblr.com or click the link at the top of the page!

(p.s. if you have any ideas for a blog post you would like to see, send me a message! i love getting your comments)
A classic, stunning drop earring. I dont know what it is but I love this photo and these earrings.
I know, I know...a stacking photo. But I found this last minute and it's so hardcore, I love it.
This jeweled shoulder is amazzzingggg. Seriously, who would mess with you in this?
If you are feeling a little edgier, this earring (er, ear party) is perfect for you. And me!
This chunky, jeweled collar/necklace is perfect to jazz up any basic or classic outfit...
I'm OBSESSED with this jeweled shawl. It's perfect in every way.
Millie Mackintosh wore a similar one in black in Dubai and I've instantly been hooked. I want!
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Jessie W.
04/23/2012 14:49

I love your blog and I love this post! These jeweled pieces are great. Your Tumblr looks great too!

05/01/2012 18:57

How can u buy something is there a phone number to call love some of the bracelets would like to buy some

Brittany Pauline
05/01/2012 19:47

Sorry Denise, I don't own any of these photos so I can't tell you where you can buy these bracelets but by the looks of it I can tell most of them are vintage.

Try House of Lavande and Susan Caplan (both online) for some great vintage bracelets!


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