. . . summer is quickly approaching. this year has gone by so fast i can't believe it! while i'm still lusting over photos with bundled up fashionistas, the rest of the world has moved on to swimsuits and summer outfits. so i've decided to get with the now and post about some of my summer inspiration. i've recently been loving vintage swimsuits, one-piece swimswits (shocker! fabulous and chic ones obviously) and lots of necklaces layered. maybe while looking at these photos i'll get a tan as well. (i wish.) i'll be going down to palm beach and key west this weekend so i guess i should get "summer" ready and what better than a blog post!
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Rachel W.
04/18/2012 09:58

I love this blog post. I think it's great because most of the world is still in chilly weather but it sure helped me get excited for summer! Thanks!


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