The Outfit on the Right. Sorry girl on the right, I do LOVE your outfit as well but the outfit on the left to me is what I want to wear right now. I love the slouchy shorts and shirt with the tailored but oversized blazer and Chelsea boots. 

These shoes are amazing. Well done Christian Louboutin! I love the different colors on the snakeskin print and the pointy toe (especially since they are making a comeback) And of course, the red sole.

This flower arrangement that was seen at Jill Sander's runway show in 2012 is amazing and perfect for any occasion! A luncheon, dinner party, wedding.. you name it. Not to mention the colors are great inspiration for any home decor or outfit!

This saying needs to be every girl's daily reminder (and if you want too, men!)

Taylor Tomasi Hill you've done it again! I am obsessing over this outfit and the mixture of colors and how well it played out. not to mention I love that skirt!

This dress, this bag, that belt.. I want everything so thank you very much Bottega Veneta for making my wish-list grow just a little bit more and farther to reach!

This book purse from Chanel.. because every girl needs a Chanel so why not make it a Chanel beaded book purse?

This... art from Robert Triscoli is amazing. This photo is beyond inspirational to me. 

10/17/2012 12:48

Absolutely loved the Louboutins :)..great pics btw...

Brittany Pauline
10/17/2012 13:04

Thank you so much! x


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